What is Junior Council?

A Junior Council is a form of Local Government led by minors or children. It is composed of child public officials elected into office...

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What Junior Council Does?

This is a very sensitive area of concern and every junior councilor is highly encouraged to approach such issues with the utmost care...

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What makes Junior Council?

This is another question which is very important and has to be addressed. Many people are aware of the composition of the Senior Council...

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Who is NJCA?

The National Junior Councils Association of Zimbabwe (NJCA) was formed out of the realization that there is need for a well-coordinated effort in advocating and lobbying for child friendly policies and programs that positively impacts on the lives of young people in Zimbabwe. The Association comprises of Junior Councils all over Zimbabwe. These Organisations are found in almost all the ten provinces in Zimbabwe and they have a direct relationship with local communities in their respective areas.

The junior councils are better placed in engagement issues with local authorities and they are better placed in dealing with issues that affect children in the communities they live. Participation is open to children and young people and participation is not limited according to religion, race, ethnicity, geographical expression, language etc. participation is open to both individuals and organizations that seek to improve the lives of children in Zimbabwe. The association draws much of its inspiration from its motto that says, “Children’s Issues Our Priority”.

Increase child and young people’s participation at local, regional and international level in the system of local governance thus improving the effectiveness and impact of junior councils and to unite all junior councils and revive inactive junior councils in cities, towns and rural councils where they are not there.
To create a Zimbabwe that is Youth and Child friendly through senior and junior local government structures.
The association is responsible for the coordination and networking of all junior councils in Zimbabwe, networking and collaborating with the Government, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and development partners, reviving and starting junior councils in towns and rural councils where they do not exist, lobbying and advocating for the rights of children, reducing of unemployment and poverty through mobilising and monitoring of resources to undertake various youth developmental programme projects and enhancing youth skills from capacity building.
Mission Statement
To be the junior council organization that champions for the recognition of Children and Youth in decision making and development through lobbying and advocating the rights of children and enhancing youth skills through capacity building.

Learn with the
Junior Councillors

Join us as we make a change with young and vibrant youth in local governance through their community outreach seminars and workshops

Expert Mentors

There will be a variety mentors to aid and nurture the young potential in various age groups.


Certification is also endorsed as a token of appreciation for the attendence of the seminars

Attend Seminars

Heartbreaking, fun, educative and above all the best experience in my lifetime. It opened my eyes to the sad reality of life, taught me service above self and to be grateful for the things we take for granted

The service exposes difficulties and struggles giving more transparency in relation to challenges faced by youthful generation offering platforms for reformations, hope and motivation to the children.

There was more than wearing the uniform, it was the experience, exposure, change of thinking capacity and handling situations. It was an eye opener to to the young generation and tomorrows future.

Exciting, educational, leading a project at school, spotting problems and provision of solutions in various aspects, leadership experience, formulation of organisation or clubs, splendiferous opportunities encountered.

Junior Council served as an eye openning experience a platform for growth and development through interation and leadership. It groomed me in ways i could have never encountered anywhere else.

Exciting, educational, eye opening exquisite, informative inquisition booster, interative, it exposed the leader in me, taught me to be the voice of the voiceless, teaspoon from the ocean about Junior Council

A moment of learning, leadership equiped and exposure more than expected, though it was nt heaven ups and down, ragged and terrain were experienced, but above all leadership was created.

Chance of a lifetime, educative, interative, opened doors for me, taught me to think outside the box, though challenges occured, i learnt to endure, i really appreciate.

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